Student Wellbeing Keyring Launched March 2021

We need to get Student Wellbeing Keyrings into the hands of every secondary school and university student.

Our Wellbeing Keyrings act as a constant reminder that help is available and that it’s okay to not be OK – instant access to support platforms at the click of a phone. If you think your schools or colleges/ Universities could use keyrings, please get in touch.

  • Mental health is at crisis point in many communities
  • We must let young people know that help is available
  • Please support this new, unique initiative
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Student Wellbeing Keyring Launch

“Our mission is to let every child, student and adult in the UK know that it’s OK to not be OK. To encourage them to reach out and direct them to instant help and support. Every person has the right to live a happy, healthy life. With your help we can start to make that happen.”

Mark Dryburgh, Chair, The CPR Group