Road Safety

Road Safety

Our Road Safety section covers  areas relating to keeping you and your children safe around roads.

As traffic starts to build up again now lockdown is easing, how do we adjust and make sure children are safe around roads?

Our children have seen people stepping off pavements in order to social distance. Cars have been making the most of empty streets and going at speeds never seen before lockdown. We’re avoiding buses and trains as much as possible. And families are out on bikes with cobwebs still intact.

Roads do not feel like they used to. The simple answer to all this change and strangeness is to go back to the reassuring basics.

Here we share the simple rules families can follow, so everyone stays safe and parents are clear what to teach their children when out and about.


Remember, children often struggle to judge speed and distance until they are at least eight.

  • Show young children you’re serious about them holding your hand near the road. Toddlers may try to fight it but it’s a good time to stay firm, especially with unpredictable traffic and distancing distractions.
  • You can start to teach the Green Cross Code from around five years. If you’ve forgotten your ‘stop, look, listen and think’, you can easily find the rules online.
  • Children learn by copying what you do. Now more than ever, it’s helpful to set a good example before you step off the pavement.


  • The simplest way to protect children (and yourself) is to wear a helmet every time, even if it’s a quick cycle around the block or down to the park.


It’s mind boggling the difference speed makes to a child’s chances of survival if hit by a car. 20 mph means most children will survive, just 20 mph more and nearly all of them will die.

  • It is so worth slowing down in built-up areas or where you seeing children playing – it only takes a moment to take a life.
  • Avoid the temptation of looking at your phone when driving – if you get into the habit of keeping it out of reach, it makes that easier.

In cars

  • No matter how short your journey, remember to use the right child car seat or booster seat for your child’s weight and height.

Information kindly supplied by The Child Accident Prevention Trust